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1 / How to obtain housing in a university residence?

La demande de logement en résidence universitaire est le deuxième volet du Dossier Social Etudiant (DSE) commun à une demande de bourse. La saisie doit être effectuée entre le 15 January et le 30 April précédant la rentrée universitaire sur le site internet du CROUS où vous êtes actuellement inscrit.

The DSE application (scholarship and / or university housing) must be done before the exam results or admission to specific courses. So do not wait for the results of the baccalaureate, exams or admissions to the higher institution of your choice!

To enter the Student Social File, see the section "Scholarships based on social criteria". Before starting the seizure, it is recommended to consult the brochure on university housing.

Each student can submit only one file even if he is a candidate for admission to several institutions or if he solicits several helpers, whatever the academy.

This procedure only concerns French students. Foreign students wishing to stay in a university residence must contact the student reception service.


2 / What types of accommodations does CROUS offer?

Several modes of accommodation in university residence are proposed to the students of the academy:

  • Traditional university residences (rooms in collective structure)
    • furnished single room (of 9 m2)
    • collective premises: bathrooms - kitchenettes - work rooms
    • fee: about 150 euros per month
    These rooms are entitled to benefit from the social housing allowance (ALS).
  • Conventional residences
    • furnished studio type T1, T1bis from 21 to 31 m2 and apartment T2
    • kitchenette and sanitary in each apartment
    • the average rent for a T1 is 250 euros / month
    These homes are eligible for personalized housing assistance (APL).


3 / Is there a choice of accommodation?

The seizure of Student Social File allows to express several wishes of housing in the same academy. These wishes are respected in the order in which they were seized and to the extent of the availability of housing.


4 / How to find U cities close to his place of study?

To find contact information for university residences near your place of study, consult the map.


  • In traditional university residence

    Les chambres sont attribuées pour une période de neuf mois, du 1er octobre au 30 June, durée de l'année universitaire. Les étudiants ont la possibilité d'être hébergés au mois de septembre si leur scolarité commence à cette date. Un préavis d'un mois est exigé pour tout départ anticipé.

  • In residence agreement

    L'admission est prononcée pour 12 mois, du 1er septembre au 31 August. Un contrat de location engage l'étudiant pour toute la durée de cette période. Le paiement de la redevance ou du loyer doit être effectué mensuellement avant le 10 de chaque mois. Dans les résidences conventionnées, le montant total du loyer est exigé jusqu'au versement de l'APL au CROUS.


    The student admitted in residence undertakes to respect the rules of the collective life registered in the rules of residence. He is free of his entrances and exits, can receive visits but the right of occupation is strictly personal and untransferable. Accommodation in university housing exempts the student from the housing tax. Failure to respect the rules of procedure and any act contrary to life in society may result in penalties up to the exclusion of residence.

    Each school has a residency council made up of students elected each year and representatives of the administration. This body represents all the students of the residence with the director, gives his opinion, makes proposals to improve the life of the residences (activities, cultural, collective life).

    There are homes and TV rooms, bodybuilding, music, reading ... in university residences. Many cultural events are organized each year by resident students.


5 / What are the criteria for allocating housing?

As requests for university housing are made through the DSE (Student Social File), the housing units managed by the CROUS are allocated primarily to students whose family has limited resources. The allocations are made on the basis of a social index that includes the same elements as those used to calculate the stock market. The criteria taken into account take into account the income of the student and his parents, the composition of the family, the geographical distance of the family home and the university results.


6 / What are the conditions of admission in residence?

The rooms and studios are awarded at the end of June on the same social criteria as the stock exchanges and the conditional decisions are communicated to the candidates at the end of June. However, availability can be offered at any time of the year depending on the vacancy of rooms / housing that may occur in October after the September exam results.


7 / What is the admission procedure?

C'est le directeur du CROUS qui prononce l'admission en résidence après avis d'une commission paritaire (administration / étudiants). Les étudiants ayant constitué leur D.S.E. dans les délais (avant le 30 April) reçoivent la notification de décision (admission ou rejet) fin juin.

Pour que l'admission en résidence soit définitive, l'étudiant doit verser une provision (d'un montant égal à un mois de loyer) à titre de réservation et de dépôt de garantie dès la réception de la notification conditionnelle et avant mi-juillet pour les admis de juin. Le non-paiement de cette provision à la date indiquée annule le bénéfice de l'attribution du logement. Le remboursement de la provision peut être demandé avant le 15 September (15 August pour les résidences conventionnées) pour les seuls motifs suivants et sur pièces justificatives : arrêt des études ou changement d'académie.

After having paid the provision, the student will also have to return to the place of assignment the internal regulations signed by him and the joint guarantee contract that has been provided to him, duly completed and signed by the third party acting as guarantor.

Upon entry into residence, the student will be asked:

  • the payment of the first royalty due in full regardless of the date of entry;
  • the presentation of the insurance certificate against rental risks (fire, water damage, civil liability);
  • the presentation of the student card or certificate of registration for the academic year for which the accommodation was obtained.

Attention: The request for university accommodation must be renewed every year.

Additional admissions are made from the end of July by the central services of the CROUS and at the end of August directly in the residences according to the available places.


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